Monday, June 6, 2011

How to Use Swag Bucks (Part 3): Earn 6 Swagbucks Daily

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This week I would like to show you how to score up to 6 Swagbucks on a daily basis.  I do this each morning as I am getting ready for work (or the boys now that it's summer); it's like being rewarded for waking up!

  1. Login to Swagbucks using the Toolbar.  If you've forgotten how or do not have the Toolbar yet, click here.
  2. Under the "Earn" button, located at the top of the home page and also in your Toolbar, pull down and select Daily Polls.  There you will find a daily opinion question.  Submit an answer and score one more Swagbuck.
  3. Return the to Earn pull down menu and select NOSO (no obligation special offers).  You will "skip" through several offers, and at the end you'll be asked to enter in a special quoted text.  As soon as you complete the text, you will earn 2 more Swagbucks.
  4. Go back to Earn a third time and select Trusted Surveys.  The very first time you select Trusted Surveys, you might be asked to complete some information.  It has been quite some time since I started using that feature, so I honestly can't remember.  However, from here on out, all you will have to do is select Trusted Surveys and automatically receive your 5th Swagbuck.
  5. A newer feature worth 1 Swagbuck is the Invite & Earn option.  This is also located in the Earn pull down menu.  You can send an invite to one friend electronically daily, in exchange for one Swagbuck.  Do not bother trying to invite your entire email contact list for additional bucks, as you can earn one and only one Swagbuck this way each day.  If you have several friends you would like to invite, be sure to spread your invitations out over time.
          *I personally do not use this last one, as I have already shared the news with most of my friends and would not want to verge on being a pest; however, I think it's a great option for many : ) *

There you have it, five steps to earn up to 6 Swagbucks daily.  If you are new to this series, be sure to check out Weeks 1 & 2 below!

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