Thursday, December 30, 2010

Shopping Vlog 12/29/10

Okay, here is the video and the list of ways that you too can save at Dillons this week.  I saved $135.42 last night, and paid out of pocket $69.98.  Considering that $9.31 of that is tax alone, and I got some high-dollar items, I think it was a successful trip.  Granted, I am not Extreme Couponer, like you'll find on TLC, but I am learning how to stretch my family's dollars.

To help save, go directly to Dillon's website and load the e-coupons mentioned, and I have linked the printable coupons you can find.  Other coupons were found in newspaper inserts for the most part, and a select few were from my All You magazine, a P&G mailer from my free stuff in the mail, and cash register printed coupons from previous shopping trips.  If you want to know exactly which newspaper inserts to look for on the sales, check out Frugal Fritzie's breakdown here for help.  Happy Savings!

Q= paper coupon
eQ= electronic coupon
Blinkie= coupon you pick up in the aisles at grocery store *I mention this on Keeblers in my video*
B1G1= Buy 1 (or another #) Get 1 Free

Free Pile:
Dawn Dish Soap- $1.49 (eQ$.50+Q-$1.00)=free
Febreze Air Effects Spray- $1.49 (eQ$.50+Q$1.00)=free
Frebreze Set and Refresh-$1.49 (eQ$.50+Q$1.00)=free
2 International Delight Creamers-$1.00/ea (2Q$1)=free
2 Packs Coast Bar Soap- $1/ea (2Q$1)=free
Triaminic Fever Reliever- $4.99 (Q$3+eQ$2)=free
Mirra Shampoo- $3.99 (QB1G1)=free
2 Almond Breeze Milk- Mistake, weren't free- $1.50/ea (2Q$1)=$.50/ea
Rotel Tomatoes-$1 (QB3G1)=free
Snack Pack Pudding- $1 (QB3G1)= free
Ivory Bodywash- $1 (Q$.50+eQ$.50)=free
Crest Toothpaste- $1.50 (Q$1+eQ$.75)=free
Olay Body Wash/Lotion-$4.45+$4.49 (QB1G1+Q$2+eQ$1.50+eQ$1.50)=free
Old Spice Body Wash/2 Deodorant- $2.50+$.99/ea (Q$1+eQ$1+B1G1)=free
*Note, I couldn't find the $4.45 in my coupons at the bottom, so I know the checker messed up and I overpaid.  Mysteriously, I had a $.10 "free coupon, which I suspect was supposed to be a $1 for my tomatoes or pudding.  Oh well, that's what happens when you're busy sacking and can't watch the cashier : (

Other Great Deals:
2 Nestle Cocoa- $1/ea
2 Swiss Miss Cocoa- $1.49/ea (Q$1)= $.99/ea
3 Snack Pack Pudding- $1/ea
6 Keebler Crackers- $1.99/ea (eQ$5+3Q$1)= $.66/ea
4 Progresso Soups- $1/ea (Q$1+2eQ$.50)= $.50/ea
24 Yoplait Yogurts- $.50/ea (6Q$1 or click here+eQ$.40 *maybe find one here too)= $.24/ea
6 Pop Tarts- Closeout- $1.62/ea (2Q$1)= 1.29/ea
2 Int. Delight Creamer- $1/ea
Kellogg's Cinnabon Cereal- $1.99 (Q$1 or here)= $.99
3 Rotel Tomato- $1/ea
Olay Regenerist Facial Lotion- $5.89 (Q$2+eQ$2)= $1.89
Kroger Fruit Snacks- $1/ea
Skinny Cow Ice Cream- $3.99 (Q$1+eQ$1- but didn't ring up? : (  should = $1.99
Juice Boxes- $3.59 (Q$1) *have an eQ for $1 that didn't ring up either : ( should= $1.59
Triaminic- $4.99 (Q$2)= $2.99
2 XTra Detergent- $1.99/ea (2Q$1)= $.99/ea
Mirra Conditioner- $3.99
Bounty Paper Towel- $5.99 (Q$.50+eQ$1)= $4.49
Charmin TP- $5.99 (Q$1+eQ$3)= $1.99

Huge thanks to Frugal Fritzie and Money Saving Mom in their helping me plan and shop this week!!!!


  1. Thanks, Mary! I often wonder if my coupons loaded on my card are actually all being used. That dollar amount always seems smaller on my receipt than I think it should. However, I have noticed that I need to read the fine print on those just like regular coupons. I see "$1 off" at the top and the fine print says "when you buy..." such and such of something else. :(

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  3. Yes, and technically they aren't supposed to honor electronic coupons with a manufacturer's on a single item purchase, but 90% of the time it works out. The ice cream and juice just didn't work out this time; maybe it's because they were too healthy, lol!

  4. I believe the Dillons' website states that you can stack electronic and physical coupons. Thanks for the great tips from your shopping trip. There were some free items I didn't know about. Keep up the savings.

  5. Brooke, you are correct. It's on the Softcoin (electronic) coupons themselves that it states only one kind of coupon can be used on a single item. I think it's just plain confusing not knowing exactly which price you're going to be paying, but I am glad to get so many great deals nonetheless.

  6. I bought one 32 oz bottle of Blue Diamond vanilla almond milk and got a $1 off catalina coupon good on my next order.

  7. And there are Catalina deals available from the Yoplait purchases as well! I got two $1.25 Cats when I purchased 24 & one $1 when I purchased 8.