Thursday, December 30, 2010

Scott's Bargains

Here are just a few terrific deals I caught at our very own Lindsborg Scott's store this evening.

Swiss Miss Cocoa- $.99 (I used a coupon yesterday for this and believe it was in my Jan. All You mag.)
7-Up 2 Liters- .$88
Blackeye Peas- $.69
Shurfresh Cheeses- $3/5

My find of the evening, YUM!*****Land O' Lakes Eggnog (1qt)- $.89- These were regularly closer to $3, but apparently they have lots to sell fairly quickly.  The eggnogs have Jan. 7 expiration dates, so drink 'em fast!


  1. I will have to hit up Scott's tomorrow. I LOVE egg nog.

  2. And we almost wiped out the quart as soon as I opened it. I might have to stop back in again myself- Lol!