Dillons Couponing

If you are fairly new to couponing still, make sure that you have read Coupon Academy first.

Now, let's talk more specifically about Dillon's coupon policies and practices.  Here is the link to the Dillon's policy provided by Frugal Fritzie; however, I will share with you my own personal shopping insight and experience below.

Dillons used to accept both paper and electronic coupons to stack on the same purchase; however, they no longer allow this.  Instead, any electronic coupons are applied first.  They do not double, and you cannot use one in conjunction with a paper coupon.  For this reason, you should be mindful of what you load to your card, as an identical paper coupon under $1 in value will yield better savings.

All Qs will double at Dillon's, up to $1 in total value-even when they specify no doubling at the top (only once have I had a coupon not double).  So, if you have a coupon for $.50 and a coupon for $.75 (with relatively similar expiration dates), I recommend using the $.50 coupon first.  This way you can save the larger coupon for shopping at another store where the extra value may be of more use when paired with a sale, since either one will earn you $1 at Dillons.

EQs do not double.  What you see is what you get. 

Dillons offers Catalina coupons at the checkout on certain items.  This is a national program in which only certain stores participate.  For instance, recently Pillsbury had savings of $1 on your next order with the purchase of 3 participating products.  You receive this coupon after paying at checkout time.  Sometimes Catalina deals are posted on the shelf, but not always; you may have to do some searching the web ahead of time if you want to be prepared.  I certainly try to post them whenever I come across one for all to see.  Now, they do have expiration dates, so be sure to pay attention and not miss out on using your savings.

If I have a fairly big order, and I know I'll be getting one of those Catalina's back, I often will split my order in half.  That way I can use it right away on my second transaction.  It only takes a few more seconds, and I know I'll use the savings before it expires that way.

Pay attention not only to the coupons you receive at checkout time for a certain amount off of your next order, also be sure to save the coupons for specific items.  Two shopping trips ago, I found a dirty cash register coupon laying in the road right in front of the store for $.75 off of Vitamin Water Zero.  I picked it up, just in case.  Low and behold, it earned me a free bottle when the product went on sale for $1!  Those coupons are often better values than you'll find in your normal printing sites and newspaper inserts, so don't discard them.

Dillons used to accept expired coupons up to 14 days after expiration.  Recently they changed this policy, so that expired coupons will no longer be accepted.