Affiliate Programs

Here at Short Little Mama's I try to bring you a myriad of great deals at local and national stores and outlets.  From time to time, I do post deals which I may receive a small commission from, as I am affiliated with several companies through Amazon and Google Affiliates.

I want to tell you this up front, so that you do not feel like I am ever trying to pull a fast one on my readers.  Please know that even though I may receive a commission, I only take the time to post those deals that I truly think will be beneficial to my readers.

At this time, I have never been paid or offered incentives to evaluate or review any item.  However, that could happen in the future.  Rest assured, I would never give anything but my most honest review of a product & if I was overall not happy with the product, I would be up front with the sponsor and not bother even posting a review.

I do not receive cash commissions for all posts which I consider affiliated or referral posts.  For instance, when I share about Swag Bucks and other similar opportunity sites, I do receive some sort of credit when I enlist new referrals.  However, that doesn't exactly mean the company is paying me cash either, as I may or may not even get any credits based on what activity the new referrals actually generate.   And, these are companies that I am personally enrolled in and use, regardless of whether or not I ever generate any referrals.

In order to earn and maintain the trust and respect of my readership, I will do my best to let you know up front if the offer I am posting contains any sort of affiliate linking on my part.  That way, if you feel uncomfortable with my receiving compensation or credits, you will always have the opportunity to try the deal without using my direct links.