Monday, June 6, 2011

A Few Walmart Goodies

Today was Day 1 of Vacation Bible School for 1 & 2, which meant 3 and I had to find a way to keep busy and cool for almost three hours.  God Bless Walmart!

I also have to give 3 credit for being such a good shopper!  He brought along his giant free coloring book from Menard's grand opening, which kept him busy for almost 1/2 of the excursion.  After a quick bathroom break, we spent some quality time in the toy section, which gave him just enough of a break to make it through the grocery section and checkout with only minor whining.  Overall, I couldn't have been more pleased with the little guy : )

Here are a few bargains that made their way into our cart.

(2) Nexcare Bandages @ $1: used $1/1 printable (no longer avail.)= 3 FREE
(2) Wilkinson Sword Razor 4 packs @ $.97: used $1/1 printables= 2 FREE
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser 2 pack @ $1.97: used $1/1 from a P&G mailer= $.97
Country Crock Honey Spread @ $1.12: used $1/1 from May All You Magazine= $.12
Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce @ $2.64 : used Free coupon from Country Bob's= FREE
(2) Johnson/Johson 1st Aid Kits @ $.97: used $1/2 from RP 5/15 = $.47 each
Off Insect Repellent @ $2.97 (mistakenly thought it was $.97 due to price tag in wrong place): used $.75/1 printable= $2.22
(4) Mini Wheats Fruit in the Middle @ $2.98: used BOGO, $1/1 (had 2 more I messed up and forgot to use, oh well : ) from Vocal Point sample mailer= $1.99 each- even at this price, they are soooo worth it!
Mega Pack of Fun Pops (popsicles) @ $2.48
Checkout Stand Candy for a Good Boy @ $.50

Total Spent: $16.56
Tax: $2.45
Total Savings: $15.37

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