Sunday, July 17, 2011

Super Sunday Savings Week in Review

As I was preparing to start this post, we had a little choking incident with our three year-old.  We have taught the boys not to put things, especially coins, in their mouths, but apparently we forgot to mention that you also DO NOT put coins in your little brother's mouth either. 

After some scary and gross details I will not mention, and a visit from the ambulance, all is well now.  The little man just has a very splotchy-looking face and a story to tell his own children someday.  Thanks be to God!

Anyhoo, I am having difficulty getting this post started, so I am just going to make it brief and get 'er done.  This week's shopping took me to Scott's, Target, Dillons, and Walmart.  Most of the details of good finds I have already shared, so I'm just going to give a really quick run down of our spending and savings and link you back to the deals : )

See Detergent

Total Spent: $18.55
Tax: $1.99
Total Savings: $13.44

See Old Spice, More Ideas

Total Spent: $102.89
Tax: $11.69
Total Saved: $51.30
**Note, this is really high this week because I took the boys back to school shopping at Walmart.  I didn't post all of our buys, but included it all in totals.  I still managed to save 1/2 as much as I spent, just using coupons!**

See JeansOther Finds

Total Spent: $7.51
Tax: $.79
Total Savings: $20.95

See Mega Event

Total Spent: $56.12
Tax: $ 6.14
Total Savings: $72.04

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