Monday, June 20, 2011

How to Use Swag Bucks (Part 5): Swag Codes

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If you've been a follower of Short Little Mama's for very long, you have probably noticed that I often post about "Swag Codes," and if you're brand new you'll see one soon.  These are just another facet of the wonder known as Swag Bucks.

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About once a day, Swag Bucks will hide a Swag Code somewhere in either their facebook page, blog, Twitter, special offer, or some other fun place.  The codes are typically worth anywhere in the vicinity of 3-20 Swagbucks.  They also tend to come with a short redemption window, so it's important to be on the lookout and enter your code quickly.

When I give you a tip about a Swag Code, I try to tell you where it is found and give you a link.  I don't currently use Twitter, so that would be an instance where I would only be able to tell you where to go to find the code.  You will never see me give you the actual code, and it's certainly not because I don't want to do all I can to help my readers.  It's just against the rules, and I love Swag Bucks way too much to get kicked out now!

Another SUPER simple way to find out if there's a Swag Code currently available and where it is located is to use the Swidget in the right hand column of my Home page.  The second button from the right is labeled "Swag Codes."  Once you click it, a blue button will pop up to "Check if there's a Swag Code."  It will tell you right away if there is an active code and where to find the code.  I miss many of the codes, so this is a way for you to find out for yourself anytime day or night : )

How do you actually redeem a code once you find it?  It's very simple.  Go to the Swag Bucks home page, and on the right you'll find your Account Summary box.  At the bottom of the box is a a text box labeled "Enter Your Swag Code."  Be sure to pay close attention to any instructions regarding capitalization, as that's a very common mistake.  Enter the exact code as instructed in the box and click "Gimme" to redeem.

Now you can have fun playing hide and seek with Swag Codes!

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