Monday, January 3, 2011

A Hot Night of Shopping

Tonight was a whirlwind shopping spree to take advantage of bargains before my dear husband goes back to working on the evening shift.  Taking the entire family is not exactly our ideal way to shop, but we made the best of the situation.

We started out at Walgreens, which of course only had 1/2 of what I had planned to get.  It took me a second trip back into the store to finish my transactions properly.  God bless the Redbox machine and an in-van DVD player for keeping the children busy for the bargain price of $0 (sign up with Redbox to get a text message for a free rental code the first Monday of the month).

Next it was on to IHOP for supper.  We are working VERY hard to save money right now, so I'm sure you're thinking that was silly.  However, we joined the IHOP Pancake Revolution recently.  This afforded us one free adult meal and a free birthday meal for our oldest.  The two littler boys split a kid's meal, which only left us with one adult meal purchase.  We saved several dollars by drinking water, and walked out paying $14.96 with the tip.  I don't think that's too bad for a family of five with full bellies!

My husband gritted his teeth as we pulled into Dillon's for the next stop.  But I had coupons paired with sales burning a hole in my big java-blue purse, and it didn't make sense to waste gas coming back later & potentially missing the sale by week's end.  He of course waited a little more in the van with the Three Musketeers.

As if that stop wasn't enough, I pushed my luck, requesting we make one final detour to Target before driving home and calling it a night.  "Do we really have to do this tonight?  Exactly when do your coupons expire, Mary?"

"Yes, we really do.  I can't take all three boys myself, it would be a waste of gas, and they may be out of batteries before I can get back by myself.  Pleeeease?"

I know I have the best husband, because he did so without turning red or making any growling noises.  He even offered to help with taking pictures and putting together this blog entry when we got home, in addition to reading stories to the boys and helping tuck them into bed (with a smile).  All of my work may be worth loads of money someday, but the patience and love of my Ben is absolutely priceless!!!

For a breakdown to help you save, see my upcoming posts for all three stores.

"When do your coupons expire, Mary?" 


  1. I LOVE THIS !!!! YOU GO MARY with all your $$$$ saving tips -- i'll see you on OWN [o- whinfrey's new network] love this picture of your ben!

  2. I can so relate! Just ask my husband about the times when I make the list of the items, the matching coupons, the price it should be, and the quantity I need of each thing, and then send HIM to the store! Oh, and make sure to count that you have a perfect number of mix and match Buy 4 get $4.....He LOVES those best!! bwaahaahaaa!! In spite of this, he's still glad I coupon and save money. :) I'm not sure which he thinks is worse -- going to the store with my lists or sitting in the car with the boys while I'm in there!