Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday Chat

Today was a busy day.  We had to go out of town to pic up boys from a sleepover, do some quick shopping for prescriptions, dreamed about everything as we strolled through Lowe's with tired/overactive children, and I sorted through all of my old and new coupons.  When I write about it, that doesn't sound so bad; nevertheless, it was an exhausting day.

Tomorrow I head back to work, after 11 days of vacation that flew by way too fast.  Here's what I've decided after years of switching back and forth between working full time during the school year & and staying home in the summer full time- being a wife and mom is just plain exhausting either way!

May you all have a wonderful week.  Keep sorting and clipping those coupons and signing up for freebies.  But, MOST importantly, enjoy life and all it offers!!!

1 comment:

  1. Your doing an Awesome job, Im sure your husband is very proud of you!!!