Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Walgreens Breakdown 1/3/2011

I have to admit, this was my first real try at working Walgreens.  The whole register rewards (RR) thing just sort of bothers me, because they are so particular about how it has to be done, and it seems like it requires many needless transactions.  Nonetheless, I had to give it a shot and get my feet wet.

I worked very hard last night and for about an hour after work today, just preparing my order of transactions.  My goal was to buy 5 of the Electrasol Tabs (one transaction at a time to make sure I got all of my RRs), then buy 2 boxes of Oscillo (in two transactions for securing RRs), followed by purchasing six 12-packs of Coke, some Slimfast, and some chips.  Thank goodness I can be flexible, because it was very stressful when I found out that they only had 3 boxes of Electrasol left.

When I finally pulled it together, I decided I would just make the RR purchases and save the pop for later.  When I saw that the Slimfast tag advertised a sale as 2/$8, I thought I would just take care of that purchase with the coupon from the Walgreens booklet and a manufacturer's coupon, to save my RRs for other items- since that would be such a great deal.  Wrong!  I didn't read the price tag clearly enough, because they were listing the price with the $3 coupon already subtracted.  Oh well, lesson learned there; should have saved my manufacturer coupon and gone with my original plan.

I was told that if I asked for a rain check on the Electrasol, I wouldn't be eligible for the RR when I picked them up and paid for them on Thursday, even though they would still be on sale.  According to the cashier, rain checks are never eligible for RR.  So, I went ahead and bought my three, one at a time.  Next I purchased the two boxes of medication (I'm still not sure what it is; I just know it made me $7 towards other purchases), paying about $2 out of pocket to get back a $9 RR.  At that point, I went back to the van to regroup.

Again, I cannot understate how patient my husband was with me.  I sat and pondered, counted and recounted, and finally built up the courage to go back in and try to get him a good deal on his beloved name-brand pop.  I think he was a little happier when I came back with six 12-packs and two bags of his favorite chips, jalepeno.

*2 Boxes of Medicine: Cost $8.99 - $5 coupon from January Walgreens booklet - $2printable = $2.32 ea. with tax (Got back $9 RR)
*3 Boxes of Electrosol Tabs: Cost $3.49 - $2.25 from 1/2/11 newspaper insert = $1.53 ea. with tax (Got back 3- $1.50 RR)
*Went back and bought six 12-packs of Coke products on sale 3/$10 + $2.29 Large Kettle Chips + $.99 Small Kettle Chips *** Used $22.50 in RR = $2.69 with tax
*Total out of pocket for everything in the picture = $11.92
**Bonus- I also received two cash register coupons worth one free 10 or 12 ct of Breath Right Strips (valued up to $7.49 each)!!!

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