Friday, January 7, 2011

Fun Alternative to a Birthday Cake

I found myself having to pull together a birthday cake last minute for my soon-to-be seven year-old this evening.  Traditionally, we have ordered cakes for the boys, out of convenience.  Last May was my first attempt at a birthday cake, and though it turned out great, it took a tremendous amount of time and energy to plan, practice, and prepare.  I truly intended to put more thought into this birthday, but with work and other new adventures, it simply didn't happen.

So, here we were at 6:00 PM the evening prior with no order, no cake, and no game plan.  After scrounging through the pantry, I came up with a boxed carrot cake mix.  I imagine it's not the most popular cake mix for a seven year-old's party, but J-man is a little different kind of eater.  He was quite content with the flavor selection.  The next question was what to do with it to make it special.  Hmmmm?

Further digging in the baking dishes and supplies cabinet brought the rediscovery of some Wilton Silly Feet silicone baking cups I had won inexpensively on E-Bay close to a year ago, which in turn sparked the memory of a cupcake caterpillar.  Before you know it, the cupcakes were made, and I had whipped up some homemade frosting for more than half of the body parts.  The few odd colored sections got the leftover canned white frosting (from today's cupcakes at school) and some colored sugar sprinkles.  Wha-la!

Is this a perfect creation?  Heaven's no!  Nonetheless, it will certainly be unique and memorable for a very special little boy.  As for his mother, she's just relieved that it's done, it didn't cost any additional money, and it didn't require the energy of a special trip to the store.

I'll post more pictures after the party tomorrow, so you can see it fully arranged.

Updated Pics 1/8/11

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