Friday, January 7, 2011

Free Stuff in the Mail 1/6/2011

Here are a couple pics of my most recent free items that came in the mail.  As a migraine sufferer, I was excited to get my third coupon for free Excedrin.  I also received a fun 2011 calendar from Oriental Trading Company (offer has expired) and a pair of GoodNites underwear for our youngest (those things are lifesavers, but certainly not cheap).  Click on the product names to request some for yourself.

Additionally, this may seem odd, but I also received a sample of Depends for Men (also available at same site for women) and Tena Ultimate absorbancy pads for bladder incontinence.  Though these are not items for me personally, I intend to donate them to others who might be in need.  If you are not in need, you might consider doing this for your own local nursing/retirement facility, or even for a loved one who might appreciate them.  I wanted to include these, since they too are expensive personal care items and worth the few seconds it takes to make the request.

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