Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tonight's Menu

Mary has been a very busy lady this evening.  In addition to helping with homework, caring for dogs and kids, and blogging all of this for you- here's what I managed to get done.

8 dozen cookies to donate to church- Check!
2 dozen cupcakes for oldest's birthday party at school tomorrow- Check!

Baked Ziti for supper- Check!
Courtesy of All Recipes
Submitted by Colleen B Smith

By the way, I got a super deal on ready to bake cookies at Wal-Mart today.  They are one sale for $1.50/ea, plus I had a coupon from a Dillon's blinkie for $1.25/2.  This brought the cost down to $.88/ea.  They are Pillsbury cookies, so nearly every newspaper insert has coupons to save $1/2 as well.  Since we certainly don't need anymore sweets at our house right now, I am taking them to Countryside Covenant Church in McPherson tomorrow.  They are hosting a Great Giveaway on Saturday.  For details, please visit their Facebook page here.  It's not too late to donate if you'd like to lend your hand to someone who might need it!

Now, I'm exhausted and heading to bed.  Good night my friends!

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