Sunday, June 19, 2011

100 + Swagbucks until 9am PDT (11am Central)-EXPIRED

Search & Win

There is a video on Swagbucks TV right now worth additional Swagbucks.  As you watch, a code will appear in the description underneath the video, right about the same time that the Swag Bucks Meter moves over (or just a tad bit before).

To make this work more efficiently, be sure to open an extra tab/window.  This way you can easily switch between the two addresses without having to enter it in or wait for a page to load each time.

As soon as you finish watching the video, copy the code & refresh the page- then go enter your code on the home page (the video will start loading while you're pasting the code that way).  You can do this up to 100 times for 100 Swagbucks, plus the additional 3 Swagbucks you earn from the meter every ten watches.  I think that's a potential for 130 SB!!!

If you haven't already signed up for Swag Bucks, you can click here to learn more OR click here to get signed up already : )

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