Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mega SwagBuck Fridays

It's about that time to remind everyone once again about Mega SwagBucks Fridays.  Swag Bucks is an easy way to earn real prizes.  My personal favorite is the $5 Amazon e-gift card; I just exchanged  450 SwagBucks for my last $5 card of the month- for a total of $25 in gift cards this month.  So far, I have paid for Easter and my soon to be 5 year-old's birthday gifts through these gift cards, not setting foot out of my door to go shop or paying a single penny out of pocket.  If Amazon isn't your thing, there are a myriad of other prizes you can choose from, including appliances, sports gear and memorabilia, clothing, books, music, electronics, and so much more.

Fridays are Mega SwagBucks Days.  On Fridays you have greater chances of earning significantly larger Swag Bucks rewards.  Click here to sign up if you haven't already (you'll get 30 Swagbucks just for joining) and then click here for some helpful earning hints!

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