Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Swag Hints

For those of you new to Swag Bucks, I thought I would offer a few tips on how to easily earn your bucks.

Each day, do the following for 4 super-simple points:

  1. Login to the toolbar (you may have to click logout and then log back in)
  2. Visit NOSO (No Obligation Special Offers), "skip" about 5 offers & get a buck Update: You now get 2 Swagbucks at the end of your skipping : )
  3. Visit Trusted Surveys- You get one point without doing anything else
  4. Participate in the Daily Poll- literally takes less than 10 seconds to get a buck for voting
Browse- You probably search some item or topic everyday.  If you have added the toolbar to your browser (truly safe and easy), then you can get points for doing just that.  I would estimate that I earn at least 10-50 Swagbucks daily just searching.  Friday searches tend to randomly win bucks more frequently and the payouts tend to be larger, since it is Mega Swagbucks Friday.  I cannot stress how easy it is to earn points browsing.

TV- When you're not actively engaged in using your computer,  you can watch short video clips.  There are some pretty interesting videos that you just might catch too, so I like to have it running when I'm fixing meals.  For every video you run, the meter moves 10%.  When it reaches 100%, you get 3 Swagbucks.  I earn about 30-40 Swagbucks daily through Swagbucks TV.  

Trusted Surveys- They don't take all that long, and you can rack up the bucks.  Even if you "don't qualify" for anything at the time, there are profiles you can fill out for bucks.

Coupons- I have used lots of the printable coupons, since they come from  It says you will be rewarded 10 bucks for every redeemed coupon.  However, it takes 6-8 weeks after use for them to show up, so I haven't personally received any yet- but I expect them to start adding up soon! Update- I have now received almost 200 Swagbucks from redeemed coupons.  It really does work!

Special Offers- I don't care for any of the offers that ask me to provide credit card information, download applications, etc.  On the other hand, there are often some really simple offers to watch videos (about 1-2 minutes in length) and get bucks or to play games that don't require downloading anything.  Those are safe, easy ways to earn.

There are other ways to earn as well, such as the "Trade In" feature, but I have not tried them out.  Just browse and see what fits your needs and lifestyle.  

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