Thursday, January 13, 2011

Coupon Mayhem!

Many of you have asked me if it takes a long time to "do coupons."  That's a complicated one to answer.  For me, I think it really just depends on how much time I spend on it daily versus leaving it all to one big sitting.

If I can keep up with staying organized (cleaning out the expired, clipping/sorting new, watching the ads, planning), I only need about 15 minutes or so daily.  I know of some who save their coupons and only clip what they know is on sale; that method would greatly decrease my daily efforts.  However, I frequently discover deals at the store that I did not originally plan.  More than once I have been caught without the right coupon and kicked myself.  For now, I am finding it works best for my personal style to clip them all and have them handy.

In my dream world I would not procrastinate and stick to couponing a short time each day, but that is just not the reality of working full time, having three young children and a husband with a rotating and unpredictable work schedule, starting a blog, and trying to maintain my sanity.  There are days when I refuse to look at coupons, which means there will be days when I have to spend an hour or two playing catch-up, if I want to keep saving for our family.

Last night was one of those nights (really, it's tonight for me, but I will schedule this to post for you all tomorrow).  As soon as the boys were off to bed, it was on to cleaning, clipping, and sorting for Mama.  After two hours and an aching back, I still had much to finish sorting.

Round 2 of Discarding Expired Coupons

Still Full, But Much Lighter Coupon Keeper

Not Sorted Yet-Tomorrow is Another Day

Here's a lesson more important than any coupon tip- it will still be there tomorrow, and that's okay!  With that said, I wrapped up with a warm shower and this mess of a blog.  May you have fun with your coupons and savings and please, never let them become a dreaded chore :)

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