Thursday, January 13, 2011

Coupon Questions & Answers

I received some really great couponing questions from a Short Little Mama's facebook follower, so I would like to make sure to post them here with my answers as well.  These are the exact same questions we all have when we first start out.  Please note that these are specific to Dillon's coupon policies, and they do not apply to other stores.  Every store does it a little differently.

From Amie-

Hey...the more I think about this couponing the more questions I have...math is not my thing. First, does Dillions take both e-coupons and manufacturers coupons on same item- or one coupon per item? Also, do they double e-coupons (or the ones they load onto your card?) Third, do they require you to actually buy 10 things when they have the 10 for 10 sale or do they still charge only a 1 if you buy less (like they will at Scotts) Also, if I have a coupon and there is an in store deal for instance- pizza rolls- but you have to buy 10 to get the instore discount- will they use the coupon on each one-or just one time? Stupid question maybe. Last, does Dillons double coupons even when the coupon says not to at the top....from what I have read a lot of stores will still double. Thanks for all your help and knowledge!!!

Mary's Response-
I'm going to try to answer these in order, let me know if I skip anything later : )
1. Yes, you can use an e-coupon and paper coupon on the same item. However, once in a blue moon my e-coupon won't credit, and I'm not sure why. Dillon's ha
s no control over it, since it's through the softcoin company. Again, that's rare.
2. Only paper coupons double,and only up to $1 in total value, but a paper coupon doubles regardless of saying "not subject to doubling" or whether or not an e-coupon is also used.
3. 10/10- sometimes. It's only when the ad specifies that the magic number must be purchased. It will typically say something about "qualifying items." The frozen food sale is one of those, like the Proctor and Gamble was the past 2 weeks (they were buy 4 items). However, there are other things all over the store that say 10/10 or 3/3 or 2/7, etc.- and they ring up at that price regardless of getting the full fractional number. It's a sneaky way to make you think you have to buy more!
4. Coupons on the participating item sales- yes, you can use them on all of the items. I bought 4 bags of the Macaroni Grill meals, and used coupons for $1.50 off of each one. In fact, I bought 30 items in the sale tonight, and only 1 of my items wasn't covered by a paper coupon OR a paper coupon paired with an e-coupon!
Another example was Chef Boyardee- priced at 10 for 10- but I only bought 5 and got them at a dollar a piece still. Then I had a coupon buy 3, save 35 cents- which doubled to 70 cents & stacked it with a buy 4/get one free coupon. So, I really got 5 cans for $3.30.
6. Doubling- see number 2

**I have pics and will give a vlog and detailed breakdown for everyone tomorrow to help you team your coupons up with items at Wal-Mart, Dillons, and Target!

PS- The pizza rolls have available paper and electronic coupons you can stack, in addition to the sale!

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