Friday, April 1, 2011

New Strategies: Menu & Shopping

The past two weeks, I have been able to get away with minimal shopping.  However, our stockpile is running out in certain areas, such as the meat department.  I also haven't been cooking the most exciting meals, and I miss experimenting with new recipes.  Therefore, I am going to mix it up and try some new methods for planning and shopping this week.
Instead of menu planning for one week, as I have been (and not very well), I am planning out a menu for two weeks worth of meals and shopping.  Unfortunately, I didn't see many advertised grocery deals this week.  Rather than shedding any tears, I am just going to cut loose and buy whatever I need for the recipes that sounded/looked good to me as I browsed my Allrecipes recipe box and current posted recipe pictures.  I anticipate that my bill is going to give me a mild case of angina, but at least I'm prepared for the shock of a crazy cash register receipt.
Here is my ray of hope though.  I hope that this means I can go back to buying very little to nothing again for the next two weeks, and that in the mean time, there might be some better sales and deals that I can take advantage of to restock without having to worry about coordinating them with meals right away.  If nothing else, I am going to have some fun cooking like I haven't in a long time!
Stayed tuned for my shopping update, menu, recipe of the week, and more this Saturday and Sunday as it all unfolds!!!

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