Friday, March 11, 2011

$5 for 5 Reviews from Viewpoints

Here's a quick, easy way to earn a $5 Amazon e-gift card.  Just sign up for or sign into Viewpoints between now and March 21st and write 5 qualifying reviews for products you currently own/use or have owned/used in the past. 

I have personally participated in the past two monthly Viewpoints promotions, and I have been 100% satisfied with the amount of time it took and the speed of the payout.  You are able to choose from a huge selection of products to review.  I literally just looked in my beauty cabinet and pulled stuff out to write about; everything qualified!  Then I wrote my reviews, submitting them one at a time, in a matter of a day or two, spending no more than thirty minutes in each sitting.  This time will be even easier, because you only need half the number of reviews.  It took a couple of weeks after my first round (January) and then only about one week after my second round in February to receive an email with my gift card code.

In case you are wondering, here is what constitutes a "Qualifying Review:"
  • Written between March 11, 2011 and March 21, 2011
  • Minimum of 700 characters (basically a paragraph and it counts for you)
  • Within the categories of Home & Garden, Family & Pets (excluding toys), Health & Beauty, Kitchen (excluding food and drink), or Computers & Electronics
  • About real products

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