Thursday, September 22, 2011

Venus Gift Set: Delivered to Your Home FREE

See Picure on LEFT

I just ordered this awesome gift set from, free after a $9.99 rebate!

To get one for yourself, simply order this "Venus Spa Breeze Holiday Gift Set Caddy with Bonus Free Allure Subscription for 1 Year" for only $9.  Shipping to your home should be free, and with tax, mine came to $9.79.  Then be sure to click here and print out the rebate form.  Don't be worried by the magazine offer, there is information and a form at the very bottom for a regular rebate.  You certainly can go the free magazine route, but as often as free magazine offers come along, I would personally prefer to get my money back!

Just be sure that you purchase prior to 9/30/11, and then you must submit the form for your rebate within 30 days.

Thanks, Hip2Save!

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