Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Swag Bucks Feature

Swag Bucks has a new "Special Offers" feature called Ad Rewards.  Using Ad Rewards, you can earn an additional five to ten Swagbucks daily.

To utilize this Special Offer, you simply answer a short series of multiple choice questions, typically between one and three.  These are used to gauge audience lifestyles and interests for soliciting future advertisers.  Once the questionnaire is complete, you will be given a list of videos to choose from and watch.  They are all short advertisement videos, but I do have to say that some are quite entertaining. 

The key is to watch for two numbers that will run across the outer border of the video, either horizontally or vertically.   At the end of the video you will be prompted to input the two numbers, in any order, to be rewarded with a Swagbuck (SB).  When these ads were first introduced, you could earn several bucks per video.  However, now that it is a regular feature, I haven't seen a video worth more than one SB.  In a few minutes, you will usually earn right around 5 SB, depending on whether you choose to watch a few or all of the videos.

If you aren't currently a Swag Bucks member, you can click here to get started & click here to find more ways to maximize your earnings.  Once you have tried this feature, there are other watch and earn websites that you might be interested in checking out, including Cashcrate, InboxDollars, and SnapDollars.  I currently use all three to earn extra cash; it's super easy!

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