Sunday, August 14, 2011

Old Navy & JCPenney: Clearance Deals

I had the chance to get out and shop solo last night, so I took my time and did something I don't get to do very often- shopping at the mall, yay!

Once again, I had a $10 off of any $10 or higher purchase coupon to use at JCPenney.  Well, actually I had two: one I received in the mail, as well as my mother's.  My goal when using these sweet coupons is to buy just as close to $10 as I can.  Let me tell you, those darn $9.99 prices really throw a kink in things; you can't find anything for a penny at Penney's : )

I found a really cute pair of shorts for Justice on sale for $9.99, and the cheapest thing I could find to finish off the deal was a pair of clearance ladies underwear.  On the other hand, it was nice to get something for myself out of the deal.

The second coupon transaction I found some fun athletic shorts and a Sponge Bob tee on clearance.  I personally am not crazy about the shirt, but I knew the big guy would like it, and it sort of matched the shorts.  As expected, he loves the thing and wants to wear it asap.

Total Spent: $3.94
Tax: $.30
Total Savings: $56.83

I had the most fun browsing at Old Navy.  If anyone wants to buy me a gift card so that I can shop there again and give you another post, feel free!

Right now the boys' swimsuits and rash guards are on clearance for only $2.97 (orginally $9.94).  That's cheaper than clearance at Walmart and Target!  Living down the street from the beach, swimsuits are pretty much a staple of our summer wardrobe, so I stocked up a bit.  The boys are now the proud owners of 8 new pairs of swim trunks and 3 new rash guards (total that is, not apiece).

I have heard tell that only girls get excited about new clothes, but whoever said that has not met my three sons.  They were to the moon over their new duds!!!

They also love the now goggles and nose plugs from Walmart!

I realized I was sitting on a pair, after I had the pic uploaded, lol!

Total Spent: $35.35
Tax: $2.68
Total Savings: $76.67

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