Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dillons Deals Week of May 18-24

I decided to make the rounds at the Salina area Dillons stores last night, hitting 3 out of 4 available there.  Below are all of the great deals I found, along with as many coupons match-ups as possible for your shopping this week : )

Store #1

(5) Huggies Pullups Training Pants (23 packs) @ $8.99: used $1.50/1 Q (expired 5/15, or you can use $1.50/1 from 5/15 SS) X 5= $7.49 each (cheaper than the generic brand).  There is a Catalina deal for $3 OYNO with a $15 Huggies purchase, so you should split this into 2 transactions, just to make sure you get double the reward.  I didn't think about it, and my Catalina didn't even print.  However, the gal at customer service did give me $3 in cash : ) 
**if you buy 2 packs with the coupons, and get back a Catalina, it's like paying $5.99 per Jumbo package**
(8) Pampers Kandoo 42 ct Wipes @ $1 each: used $1/1 from 3/5 SS X 8 = 8 FREE

Total Spent- $41.79
Tax- $4.34
Total Savings- $27.42 (I rolled my $3 cash into this savings amount)

Store #2
*Red items are part of Frozen Mega Event; this means you must purchase 10 participating items to get each item at the price listed*

(9) Sister Schubert's Frozen Rolls @ $1.79: used $1/1 from 2/27 or 4/17 SS= $.79 each
(1) Digorno's Pizza and Cookies @ $4.99: used $1.25/1 from 4/17 RP= $3.74
White Castle Sliders @ $2.49: used $.50/1 (doubles) from 4/17 SS= $1.49
(3) Colgate Toothpaste @ $.88 each: used $.75/1 (doubles: may adjust to $.88, but mine went to the $1) from 5/17 SS= 3 FREE + Overage
Pampers Kandoo 42 ct Wipes @ $1: used $1/1 from  3/5 SS= FREE
5ct Zyrtec @ $5.79: used free coupon from Zyrtec= FREE + $.60 overage (when it's on sale, they often ring up the full price on a free coupon)

Total Spent: $13.98
Tax: $2.85
Total Savings: $53.31

Dillons #3

(2) Huggies Pull-Ups @ $8.99: used $1.50/1 Q (expired 5/15, or you can use $1.50/1 from 5/15 SS) X 2= $7.49 each (cheaper than the generic brand) **remember, you'll get back a $3 Catalina**
(2) Bic Soleil 4ct Razors: used $3/1 from 5/1 SS X 2 = $.99 each
(2) Bic Soleil Simple 6ct Razors: used $3/1 from 5/1 SS X 2 = $.99 each (I would have gotten all 4 of this package, but they only had 2)
(12)Yoplait Yogurt cups @ $.50 each: used $.40/6  (doubles) from 5/8 SS X 2 = $.37 each
(3) Skintimate Shave Gel @ $1.99 each: used $.55/1 (doubles) from (I used an expired coupon, or a new one should be in the 5/22 SS or there's one in the April All You Mag.)= $.99 each

Total Spent: $29.89
Tax: $3.58
Total Savings: $32.46 (Plus $3 off a future shopping trip : )


  1. I'm just curious why you didn't just do your shopping at one Dillons instead of going to three?
    You are way more patient than I am; I just want to go in the store and get it over with!

  2. Honestly, every store seemed to only have a few of the things I sought. The first store was out of toothpaste, and I couldn't find any of the White Castle burgers I wanted to try. It also only had the packs of wipes I bought, and I had a good stack of those coupons. They go fast with three little boy bottoms! The next store only had one pack of the wipes, so I decided to hit the last one, in case they might have some. I hadn't been there in years, so I figured it would be fun to see if it had changed. I actually get very impatient, but I manage to hang in there for the deals : )