Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wags Savings 4/21/11

I shopped at two different Walgreen's locations today.  As expected, they were out of most items on my list; however, I did get a few good deals.  Make sure you have the weekend sales paper, as many of the savings rely on an in-ad coupon.

Quick Walgreens Tutorial:
  • You can stack manufacture's coupons with Walgreens coupons, but you can never use more manufacture's coupons than you have items.  NOTE- Register Rewards (RR) count as manufacture's coupons.
  • You only need one Walgreens coupon for any number of the same item, while you'll still need multiple copies of manufacture's coupons for like items.
  • You are not allowed overage at Walgreens.  Avoid "getting beeped" by handing over manufacture's coupons before Walgreens coupons.  The Walgreens coupons generally self-price adjust, while manufacture's often cause problems.

Transaction #1: Store A
Goody Hair Clips with Hair Bands on sale @ $3: get back $3 RR= Like Free
Total w/tax: $3.25

Transaction #2: Store A
1. Not Pictured- 5 Twelve Packs of Coke Products for $13 (or $2.60 each): used in-ad Q
2. (2) Betty Crocker Cake Mix @ $.89 each: used in ad Q; (2) Betty Crocker Frosting @ 2/$3: used in-ad Q + Stack with $.75 off of one cake mix & frosting from 4/3 SS X 2= $.82 each item
(I rolled the $3 RR into my savings on this transaction)
Total w/tax: $15.03 

Transaction #3: Store B
1. (4) Chocolate Peeps: used $2/1 in-ad Q + $1/2 Printable (no longer available) X 2= 4 Free
2. (3) Scotch Magic Tape: used B1G2 in-ad Q +Printable-*I couldn't attach the PDF, so here's the Money Saving Mom link where I found it : ) X 2 (hand these over first!)= 3 Free
Total w/tax- $.34

Total Spent: $18.62
Tax (included in spent above): $2.33
Total Savings: $22.71

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