Monday, April 4, 2011

How To: Coupon Binder

If you've now figured out how to find, clip, and use coupons, you might be starting to gather quite a collection of those little slips of paper as well.  Once you have graduated to serious-couponer status, gone are the days of carrying around a little envelope of coupons.  You need something larger to help you organize and store those little fellas!

When I first began using coupons on a regular basis, I bought a little folding wallet-style organizer that probably had a handful of sections for sorting and storing.  However, as I started to build my supply, that little organizer quickly filled and began busting at the seams.  There were times I couldn't even get the elastic band to wrap around the button closure; that was when I knew it was time to try something different.

I had already come across a number of bloggers who had created coupon binders, and I have frequent flyer miles as a teacher when it comes to using binders.  There was really no other choice for me but to take that path.  However, I didn't want to pay an arm and a leg for supplies in order to save money.  I did some digging and located an old zip-up style three-ring binder left over from college and bit the bullet to buy a pack of 30, nine-pocket baseball card protective pages.  Those still didn't offer enough storage, so I temporarily stored extras in regular old clear-view pages I had left over from acadamia as well.

Here's where Swagbucks and other ideas I have told you about before came to the rescue.  After building up a bank of Amazon gift card dollars, I was able to order another package of 100 (a more than ample amount) of baseball protective pages to finish up my organizing- at no cost!  *Click here for more about those ideas if interested*

Now I offer you a short vlog tutorial, so you can see first hand how my binder looks.

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