Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cool Connections!

TLC has the new Extreme Couponing program starting soon, and I was watching the commercial today when BAM- I knew someone! 

When I started posting my coupon shopping vlogs on Youtube to accompany my blog page, the first person to subscribe to my Youtube channel was the CouponDivaDesirae.  She already had a blog page, but was just starting up her Youtube channel at that time.  I was one of the first to visit and comment on her videos.  You can imagine my surprise when I heard her voice on the television.

Granted, I really don't know her, but it was still neat to see someone familiar.  It just goes to show what a small world we all live in and how fast information travels for sure : )  Be sure to check her out for some great information videos on couponing and saving money!

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