Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Weekly Spend

After being inspired by other frugal bloggers, I have decided to start keeping closer track of my weekly grocery/household expenses and savings.  I hope that it will continue to motivate me to do better with my family's finances, as well as possibly encourage others who are learning to do the same by sharing.  I don't have solid baseline data to show exactly how much I used to spend monthly, but at least I'll be able to compare the savings I gain through Mega Event-type sales and couponing, which I can confidently say would have been next to zero for me in years past.

2/2/11 Wal-Mart: Spent $11.17, Saved $0
2/6/11 Wal-Mart: Spent $91.85 , Saved $15.22
2/6/11 Dillons: Spent $27.91, Saved $61.10

Weekly Savings: $76.32
Weekly Spending: $130.94 (tax was $12.89)

*Next week I really need to come in at spending under $70!

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