Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spent $82.25 & Saved $89.38- Dillons 2/27/2011

I just could not get motivated to go grocery shopping this week.  Perhaps it was the stress of work and other family commitments this week, or maybe it was just that I didn't want to spend our hard-earned money.  Whatever the reason, I managed to put off shopping until Sunday this week, and then it was time to face reality and restock the refrigerator : )

The Daytona Mega Event continued at Dillons this week.  In order to use up the remaining Daytona $3 coupons I accumulated last week, and take full advantage of the two I would be earning at the checkout today, I had to split my cart load into four separate transactions.  This might be a good time to discuss checkout ettiquete.

I'm not sure how others feel about lengthy checkouts, but I feel the pain of those in line behind me.  For that reason, I try to do my best to avoid making it worse than necessary.  Before even hitting the store, I planned to shop pretty early in the morning to avoid any rush hour traffic, so I was there by a few minutes after 8am.  As soon as I grabbed my cart, I loaded it with two shopping baskets: one for Daytona items & one with "other."  I hoped that it would make it both easier to keep track of my number (multiples of 10 are very important in the Daytona event), as well as easier to separate transactions and save time come checkout.  It worked great!  However, four separate transactions can still only happen so fast.

As I was sending my second transaction through the conveyer belt, another gentleman pulled up in line behind me.  I immediately moved back to talk to him and made room for him to make his purchases before I started loading another round of groceries onto the belt.  I could tell he was very thankful, as there was only one open line at the time.  Luckily for us both, this spurred one of the workers to hurry over and open another register, so he got to be first in the new line.  I always try to allow other shoppers to go before me if they are shopping in smaller amounts than I am, especially days like today.

For my third transaction, I just threw a few items that I could quickly grab and I knew wouldn't require any coupons (with the exception of one Daytona $3 saver) onto the belt.  This allowed me to save the rest of my coupon stack for the fourth and final transaction, so that the cashier could just keep rolling when it was time to scan them all.  I was pretty proud of my organization and planning.  Organization is something I admire and strive to achieve, but is certainly not a natural God-given talent for this Short Little Mama, LOL!

Now, what you've all been waiting for... the breakdown.  I will share my savings in four segments, just the way that I checked out.  As always, I will attempt to share my coupon secrets, so that hopefully you can recreate a few good deals yourself.

Items in Green were part of Daytona event, so the price reflects a total purchase of 10 participating items.  The "Dillons Q"s were coupons sent out specific to this event, or they were coupons distributed by Dillons at Valentine's time.  Not everyone receives these, as Dillons only mails them to specific customers.

Transaction #1
Ranchero Beef and Cheese frozen Tornados @ $2.19: $.75/1 SS 2/13 Q (doubled) + $1/1 Dillons Q= $.19
Banquet frozen meals @ $.69 X 9= $6.21
MINUS- $3 Daytona from last week
Total Spent- $3.83
Saved- $8.29

Transaction #2
Betty Crocker cookie mix @ $1.69: $.40/1 Printable (doubles) + $.40/1 eQ= $.49
Coffee Mate liquid creamer @ $2.49 X 2: $1.50/2 Dillons Q + $.75/1(doubles) Printable X 2 = $1.48 or $.74 ea
Betty Crocker Fruit Roll Ups @ $1.89 X 2: $.50/2 SS 1/2, 2/13 (doubles) or Printable + $.50/2 eQ = $2.28 or $1.14 ea
Kellogg's Pop Tarts @ $2.49 (box of 12): $1/1 Dillons Q = $1.49
Chef Boyardee (can) @ $.69: Free with Q offered by Wal-Mart (offer expired) *It doubled to a $1!
Manwich @ $.69: $.75 off 1 Manwich and 1 Pepperidge Farm Roll/Bun Printable (doubles) = Free
Oreo Cookies @ $2.69 : $.50 off one Oreo and 1 gal. milk peelie on the cookies (doubles) = $1.59

***Note, I really should have bought the rolls and milk in this transaction, but the cashier just pushed the coupons through rather than asking me to dig them out of the cart. **
Minus $3 Daytona from last week
Total Spent- $8.22
Saved- $20.11

Transaction #3
Kroger Brown N Serve Rolls @ $1 X 2 = $2
Kroger Bagels @ $1 X 2 = $2
Pork Chops (manager's special) @ $3.15
Kroger Ground Beef @ $6.57 (3 lbs) X 2 = $13.14

Minus $3 Daytona from Transaction #1
Total Spent- $18.35
Saved- $11.80

Transaction #4
Land O Lakes Spreadable Butter @ $1 X 3: $.40/1 SS 1/9  Q (doubles) X 3 = $.60 or $.20 ea
Land O Lakes Buttery Spread @ $1: $1/1 Printable = Free
Kroger Frozen Chicken Breasts @ $8.59: $1/1 Dillons Q = $7.49
Farmland Select Sliced Ham @ $4.99: $.75/1 SS? Q (doubles)  = $3.99
*the Farmland coupon expired 2/22, but my local Dillons honors 2 weeks past expiration*
Martha White Muffin Mix @ $1 X 12: $.55/2 Blinkie (doubles) X 6 = $6 or $.50 ea
Welch's White Grape Juice $2.99 X 2: $1/1 SS 2/13 Q X 2 + $1.50/2 Dillons Q = $2.48 or $1.24 ea
Knorr Pasta/Rice Sides @ $1 X 3: $.50/2 RP 1/30 Q + $1/3 Dillons Q + $.50 e Q = $.50 or $.17 ea
Starkist Tuna @ $1.79 X 3: $.75/1 Printable (doubles)= $.79
Starkist Tuna @ $1: $.50/1 (doubles) All You Feb. Q = Free
Starkist Tuna @ 1.59: $/1 Printable

Yoplait Trix Yogurt @ $2.63 X 2: $.75/2 GM 2/13 (doubles) + $.75/2 Dillons Q (doubles) + $.75/2 eQ= $2.51 or $1.26 ea
Philadelphia Cooking Creme @ $2.49: $1.50/1 Printable (can't find it anymore) = $.99
Smart Balance 1/2 gal Milk (manager's special) @ $.99: $1/1 Printable = Free
Smart Balance 1/2 gal Milk (manager's special) @ $1.87: $1/1 Printable = $.87
**$.87 for a gallon of milk is AWESOME, considering regular milk is so expensive these days!!!!**
Kroger 1 gal. milk (saved earlier on another purchase) @ $3.58
Tostitos Hint of Lime Tortilla Chips @ $3.29: $.55/1 SS 1/30 Q (doubles) = $2.29
Generic Pull-Ups @ $13.88
Minus $3 Daytona from Transaction #2
Total Spent- $51.85
Saved- $49.18

Trip Total Spent- $82.25
Tax- $8.69
Trip Total Savings- $89.38

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