Saturday, February 19, 2011

Oh, Dillons & Daytona!

Dillons started their two-week Daytona savings event.  Buy 10 participating items (must be exact multiples of 10), and get $3.00 off your current order + a coupon for $3 off of your next order.  I've had a few questions regarding how this one works.  First, you can buy multiple Daytona event 10s in one purchase, and you'll get multiple coupons back.  So, if you buy 20 items, you'll get two $3 coupons.  Buy 50 items, get five $3 coupons back.  No need to split your order into sets of ten.

I thought I would be wise and split my order into Daytona and non-Daytona items, so that I could roll all of my savings coupons over into my next order.  Don't try that!  You are apparently only allowed to use one with each order.  Instead, do the Daytona items first & get your coupons.  Then, split what's left of your order into transactions equal to the number of coupons you're getting back.  In other words, I should have split my remaining items into 3 smaller transactions and used one coupon for each.

Scenario two that you could try would be to do one Daytona 10, pay, and roll your $3 into the next Daytona.  Then pay and roll again, using your savings right away on each consecutive order.  The only thing I am not sure of in that scenario is whether you'll be allowed to use the $3 on another Daytona transaction.  Sometimes stores don't allow you to do that, but it might just work.  Of course, all of that only matters if you want to get all of your savings in one trip.  Otherwise, you can still use the $3 coupons later. However, be careful not to wait too long; my coupons expire 3/4/11.

I do have to give the disclaimer that if you go to Dillons and do all of this at the busiest time of day, you will need to be prepared for some sighing from your cashier and moans/groans from those in line behind you.  I went in the evening, when it was not busy at all, and I only had the two transactions.  Yet the cashier was obviously annoyed, as were the couple in line behind me.  I do sympathize with their waiting in this day and age where we have to go, go, go; I am sure it really did feel like an eternity to them.  On the other hand, I'm saving lots of money and doing what's best for my family, and I at least was courteous enough to intentionally do my shopping and saving when I knew it would have the smallest impact on other shoppers.

Below are lots of pictures and the savings breakdowns to help you with your own shopping this week and possibly next.  Items in purple are part of the Daytona event, so keep in mind the original price reflects a purchase of 10 participating items.

Malt-O-Meal Giant Size Frosted Flakes (manager's special) 2/$4: SS 1/2 #2 Q $2/2= $1 each
Fritos $1.99
Ragu Sauce $1.45 x 2: RP 1/30 Q $1/2= $.95 each
CoffeeMate $2.69 x 2: Dillons Q $1.50/2= $1.94 each (NOTE- If you buy 3 or more you'll get saving OYNO)
Banquet Frozen Chicken Chunks $3.69: All You Jan. Q $1/1= $2.69

Finish Dishwashing Gel Pacs $5.49 x 4: SS 1/2 Q $2.25/1 x 4 = $3.24 each
*There are special coupons from Dillons that some have received in the mail that say Manufacturer's, but you may be able to stack them for additional savings to make this an even sweeter deal!
 Totino's Party Pizzas $.95 x 2: Printable Q $.75/2 (worth $1)= $.45 each
Totino's Pizza Rolls $.95 x 2: Printable Q $.50/2 (worth $1)= $.45 each
 Manwhich $.69 x 4: All You Jan. Q B3GO= $.52 each
Chef Boyardee $.69 x 12: SS 1/2 Q $.35/3 (save $.70) x 4 = $.46 each
Pillsbury Valentine's Cookies (closeout) $1.89: Printable Q $.50/1 (save $1) x 2 + eQ $1/2 = $.39 each
* You can get the non-holiday kind for $.69 with the Daytona sale and same coupons* 

Kroger Chicken Broth $.89 x 2
Mushrooms 2/$4
Kroger Mini-Bagels $2.29
Kroger Chicken Breasts (manager's special) $4.19
Beef Stew Meat $5.41
Dole Very Veggie Salad (manager's special) $1.29
Kroger Hamburger Buns $.99
Kroger Wheat Bread $.99 x 2
Kroger Tortilla Chips $1
Kroger Black Beans $.99
Kroger Coffee Filters $.99

Colgate Toothpaste $.98 x 3: Mulitple SS inserts Q $.75/1 (save $1) x 3 = FREE
Mentos Mints $.50 x 3: 2/6 SS Q $.50/1 (save $1) x 3 = MAKE $1.50- If your Dillons hasn't started price adjusting coupons, which I think mine might have : (
Schick Hydro Razor $5.99: 1/30 SS Q $2/1 + eQ $4/1 = FREE
Tide Stain Release Pacs $5.99: 1/30 P&G Q $3/1 + eQ $3/1 = FREE 

*Not Pictured-Kroger Dog Food $6.37*

Total 1 Spent (Daytona Items): Saved additional $2 with cellfire bonus coupon- $29.60
Total 1 Tax: $3.83
Total 1 Savings: $46.28

Total 2 Spent (Other Stuff): Saved additional $3 with Daytona coupon- $36
Total 2 Tax: $3.83 (how weird is that, same tax both purchases?)
Total 3 Savings: $30.17

Overall Spent: $65.60
Overall Tax: $7.66
Overall Savings: $76.45 (plus $6 for next time)

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