Sunday, February 20, 2011

2 Weeks of Spending Breakdown

I shared 3 weeks ago that I would be posting my weekly shopping totals, as a way to keep better track of our family's finances & hopefully inspire others who are also trying to make cutbacks.  Last week was hectic, so I didn't succeed at getting it posted.  Today's update will include this week and last.

Please note from totals below, it would be wise to send spouses who do not quite understand saving yet to the store only with cash.  Otherwise, it really throws off your spending/savings goals, because they tend to buy whatever looks good (i.e. candy, two bags of potatoes, etc.).  I made the mistake of sending the checkbook, which will not happen again anytime soon.  : )

Last Week
Total Savings- $27.13
Tax- $2.14
Total Spent- $24.17

This Week Through 2/19/11
My Spending
Overall Spent: $65.60
Overall Tax: $7.66
Overall Savings: $76.45 (plus $6 for next time)
Husband's Spending
Scott's- $8.43 ($.68 tax)
Wal-Mart- $25.21 ($1.91 tax)
Total- $33.64 ($2.59 tax)
Savings- $0

This Week's Totals
Spent- $99.14
Tax- $10.25
Savings- $76.45

Totals 2/1/11-2/19/11
Spent- $254.35
Tax- $27.87
Savings- $179.90
Average Weekly Spending= $84.79

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  1. We needed 2 bags of potatoes. That's all Im going to eat for the next 2 weeks. :)