Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Target Wrap-Up 1/3/2011

Last stop of the evening, Target.  My transaction was really very simple.  If you try to recreate, you'll find the Eveready Batteries in the $1 bins from Christmas.  They are Energizer brand, if you read the fine print on the back & they rang up just fine.  The cashier commented how they actually owed me money, but the system wouldn't allow it on the last coupon.  So, I still had to pay a little out of pocket, but it was worth it overall.
Total Breakdown

5 packages batteries @ $1/ea- Used 5 coupons from newspaper inserts (there was one this weekend and previous)- $5 = $0
2 NYC Nail Polishes- $1.72/ea- Used 2 Targetweb Coupons for $1/ea and 2 Manufacturer's Coupons for $1/ea= They owed me $.56   *I got BOTH kinds of coupons here and printed the set twice; try zip 90210 or 77477 if they don't come up*
*Cash register adjusted one coupon to $.44

Overall Total= $.57 in tax; you just can't get away from paying tax!

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