Monday, January 31, 2011

Ideas for a Snow Day

So, the winter weather has kept you home from work and school, maybe with some rowdy kiddos.  What will you do with your time?  How about preparing to save money (especially if you're taking a hit in the wallet for this day off).

My boys absolutely LOVE to cut up things, so I am happy to hand them a few hundred coupons to cut out for me.  If you have one with hands that are still just a little too small and untrusty, hand him the scraps and a pack of crayons and request some fine artwork instead.

At the bottom of my page or just below this post, you'll find lots of valuable coupons to get you started.  You can also revisit my Coupon Academy for links to more pages with printable coupons. Once all little hands are busy, you can check out the Freebies page and get signed up for a few in your spare time today. When you've returned to work, it will be a great pick me up to find free stuff in the mail after a hard day on the job!

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