Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hearty Hamburger Soup: Easy and Filling

Here's your new recipe of the week from All Recipes: Hearty Hamburger Soup.  The beauty of this recipe is its flexibility.  We were out of carrots, so I substituted a half-bag of frozen corn we already had open in the freezer.  I would imagine a can or bag of mixed veggies would be just as tasty.  My favorite way to eat soup is with a grilled cheese sandwich for dipping, yum!

The recipe made enough for our family of five, plus a large container of leftovers (likely enough for another two meals), plus two, two-serving containers of leftovers in the freezer.  If you don't care for so many leftovers, I would suggest splitting the recipe in half, which you can do by changing the 10 to a 5 and hitting return. The recipe will automatically adjust the ingredients list for you.  Meat is expensive, so I only used a pound of hamburger and thought it was just right.

Approximate Cost Breakdown:
Hamburger- $1.70/lb
Broths- $1.50
Tomato Soup- $.50
Veggies- (1/2 bag)- $.60
Onion- $.20
Celery- free leftover from a get together
Spices- ? had them all in the cabinet

Hearty Hamburger Soup
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