Thursday, January 27, 2011

Coupons, Swag Bucks, Hooray!

I have some exciting news from Swag Bucks World.  Tonight I earned my first official 30 points from coupon redemptions!

This may not sound exciting to the individual who has yet to learn the language of Swag Bucks (SB), so let me translate.  I printed coupons for items I needed, that were probably also on sale already, from the Swag Bucks link to  Then I used the coupons on those items at either Target, Dillons, or Wal-Mart (the local businesses accepting printables), and I saved money.  Each redeemed coupon is worth 10 SB after they're processed.

Now that the manufacturers have processed my coupons, I am receiving extra credit from Swag Bucks simply for saving money.  For the newbies, every 450 Swag Bucks I accumulate, I will be able to redeem my points for an Amazon gift card worth $5.  My plan is to save up for future gift-giving purchases and possibly a new food processor to replace my broken one, so there's even more easy savings.  Can you see how quickly it all starts to add up using coupons and Swag Bucks?  It's a double-rainbow situation!

If you are ready to give Swag Bucks a try, there is a quick link located in the right-hand column of my blog.  Feel free to give it a click and start racking up SB for yourself!

To read more about the SB program, try my Trial and Error page and this Swag Hints blog post.

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