Saturday, December 25, 2010

$5 meal

Tortellini-Vegetable Toss
Submitted by Campbell's Kitchen at

Here's a new recipe to try that will feed a family of five for right around $5 if you do it right.  I just made it for lunch today, and it's a keeper.  Just click on the recipe title to find the full recipe.

Cost of ingredients:

  1. Extra pasta- I used an extra 1/3 of a box of pasta.  I secured the box of American Beauty Quick Cook penne pasta for free a few weeks back by printing internet coupons that doubled to $1, the cost of the pasta.  When you find sales like that and can get the coupons, I suggest filling your pantry.
  2. Sauce- Kroger brand "Meat Flavored" on sale for $1 last week.  It was good and thick too!
  3. Frozen Kroger California blend veggies- $1.25 (I'll be stocking up to get them cheaper next time they go on sale though).
  4. Buitoni 3-Cheese Tortellini you saw in my 12/24 shopping vlog was $2.55 after my surprise electronic savings.
  5. Parmesan Cheese- No one in our house likes it, so we skipped it= free.  
Total= $4.80

I added a little of the penne pasta to stretch the recipe because my Buitoni package seemed a little small.  It made for a nice blend of pastas.  A quick and easy side idea would be to butter a few pieces of bread, sprinkle with some garlic powder, and broil in the oven a couple of minutes until toasted.  I've also tried it with leftover hot dog and hamburger buns.  That always goes over great in our household.

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