Thursday, June 9, 2011

Super Hot Deal on Pepsi Products

This week Dillons has a sale on Pepsi products.  If you purchase two 24 packs of cans, you save $2- bringing the cost down to $4.99 per pack.  That in itself is really a pretty good value.

However, as I was skimming through my Scott's Hometown ad paper for the week, I came across a manufacturer's coupon for $2 off of two 24 packs of cans.  I picked up a few extra papers this morning, clipped my coupons, and stocked up at Dillons!

The sale only allows you to get three discounts per transaction.  I did two sale purchases (one transaction) before dropping off the boys at church this morning and another transaction of three sale purchases after working out.  Of course, I had to pick up a few extra deals along with the second pop transaction : )

(10) 24 Packs of Pepsi products @ $4.99 each: used $2/2 packs from Scott's Hometown ad= $3.99 each  **This had better last my pop-guzzling husband a long time, as it so horribly unhealthy.  He's lucky I love him so much!**

Smuckers Squeezable Grape Jelly @ $2.35: used $.55/1 from 5/22 RP (doubles)= $1.35

Welch's Concord Grape Jelly @ $2.10: used $.55/1 from 5/1 SS (doubles)= $1.10

(2) Newton's Fruit Thins: Chocolate/Raspberry @$2.19: used $1/1 from ? (expired, but still good)= $1.19 each

(2) Knorr Mexican Rice Sides @ $1: used $.50/2 from 5/22 RP (doubles)= $.50 each

Kellogg's Poptart's (12 ct) @ $2.79: used $1/1 from Dillons mailer= $1.79

Total Spent: $51.60
Tax: $5.08
Total Savings: $55.12

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