Saturday, June 11, 2011

Looking & Cooking Ahead

I am a faithful follower of Money Saving Mom.  She's great at everything she does, but what really has caught my attention lately are her one-hour freezer cooking sessions.  I have been inspired to give it a try, though I don't know that I'll be able to keep up with it quite as well.

In order to prepare, I took advantage of a few meat sales today and stocked up on pork, beef, and chicken.  I am not going to give my usual grocery break down, as it was a BIG trip.  Keep in mind, I spent a lot today, but bought lots of meat and several weeks worth of food.

Instead of a full run-down, I am going to give you a preview of what dishes I am now set to prepare, and just a selection of the good deals and coupon match ups.  I've included lots of pics, but there were still several items that missed the photos.

Dillons Deals and Match Ups

*Kroger Value Nutmeg @$1 (they have a fair assortment of spices at this price)
*Kroger Boneless/Skinless Frozen Chicken Breasts (3 lbs) @ $6.33
*Hormel Marinated Pork Tenderloin @ $7.99: use $1/1 from 5/8 SS= $6.99

*Dole Coleslaw Kit @ $2.29: use $.50/1 Target Printable (no longer available)= $1.29
*Ball Plastic Freezer Jars (5) @ $2.97
*I bought a container of pectin that I found in the storage bag aisle & on the display there were also pull off (tear pad) coupons Buy Pectin get $1 off of Produce, which I was able to use on some fresh produce
*Select Top Sirloin Steaks Buy One Get One Free!

*And, my favorite- I bought 6 Nestle Crunch Candy Bars and used 2 B2G1 Printables with 4- $.35/1 Printables (doubled, but out of prints right now)= $.19 each

Aldi's Deals

Strawberries @ $.99 (compared to $2.50 at Dillons and right around $1.90 at Walmart)
Bananas @ $.44/lb ($.54/lb at Dillons today)
Bag of Salad @ $.99

Black Beans @ $.55
Hot Dog Buns @ $.79 (generally $.99 on sale elsewhere)

Blueberries @ $1.49

Flour Tortillas @ $.99
Freezer Storage Bags @ $1.89 (were still $2 on sale and w/coupon at Dillons)

Total Spent Both Stores: $242.83
Tax: $19.08
Total Savings: $45.26 (not counting savings at Aldis)

The Plans

Each of the following meals will be better detailed for you later as I whip them up.  I plan to make a double batch of each (or even more possibly in the case of some of the breakfast and bread items), so that I can have one set of meals ready in the fridge for this week and one set in the freezer for the future.

As I plan and prepare meals over the summer, I will attempt to double the recipe and continue stocking our freezers. Hopefully this will allow me to have a freezer stockpile to save time later, like when summer comes to an end and I return to the chaos of daycare, school activities, and working full-time!

Korean Marinade
Meat Marinade
Pork Tenderloin Marinade- bought already marinated
Asian Barbecue Chicken
Amish Baked Oatmeal
Jim's Perfect Steak Marinade
Amy's Barbecue Chicken Salad (not freezing this one)
Sesame Pasta Chicken Salad (not freezing this one)
Donut Muffins (also not freezing)
Breakfast Burritos
Crockpot Italian Chicken
Annie's Fruit Salsa
Whole-Wheat Chocolate Pancakes
Whole-Wheat Banana Chocolate Chip Bread

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