Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dillons Coupon Update

I am a follower of Frugal Fritzie, who recently shared a new change in Dillons Corporate Coupon Policy, here.

To sum it up, Dillons will continue to double coupons, up to a maximum value of $1.  However, you will no longer be able to utilize expired coupons at Dillons.  I had no issue last week using a number of expired coupons, and nothing was posted about this change at the Dillons where I frequently shop in Salina.  However, I opted to ask before trying to use a coupon that expired yesterday, today & was informed that the change has already taken effect.

I was really disappointed when I first heard this news, as there have been numerous occasions where a great sale will start right after one of my coupons has expired.  It's also a bit disappointing when a store makes such a change and doesn't do anything to let customers know in advance.

After giving it further thought, I do see an upside for my organization.  I have been saving all of my expired coupons up to 14 days, just in case I could use them at Dillons.  This meant extra mess in my binder, and often confusion about whether or not I could use a coupon at another store.  From here on out, I can just discard the expired coupons, saving a little clutter a confusion at least : )

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