Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Few More Deals at Dillons and Wags

I am going to start by sharing about more good deals at Dillons, because it is easier to do with a good attitude : )  I tried a new Dillons location this morning to see if I could find the rest of my freebies.  Though I found some, everyone seems to be out of the chips I'm looking for, which is a bummer.  Be sure to read yesterday's post, along with this one if you're planning a trip to Dillons, so that you can maximize your savings!

 Dillons Breakdown

*Items in Green Reflect Mega Event; Must Purchase 10 Participating Items to Get the Listed Prices

Not Pictured: Big Ole Watermelon : )

(8) American Beauty Quick Cook pastas @ $.49 each: used $.55/1 from 4/10 SS X 4 + $1/2 Printable X 2 =8 Free
(2) Bounty 8 Roll Select-a-Size Papertowels @ $5.99: used $1/1 from P&G Everyday Savings Booklet X 2= $4.99 each
(2) Jello Temptations refrigerated 6ct snacks @ $1.99 each: used $.60/1 from SS? or Printable X 2 = $.99 each
(3) Gillette Series shave gels @ $1.99 each: used $.55/1 from 5/1 P&G X 3 =$.99 each
(2) Silk Pure Almond milk @ $1.99 each: used $1/1 from 4/10 SS X 2 = $.99 each (see yesterday's for better printable coupon!)
(2) Sargento Blends  sliced cheese @ $1.99 each: used $.50/1 from 4/10 SS X 2 = $.99 each
Dannon Fit & Active 4ct yogurt @ $1.49: used $.40/1 from 4/10 SS= $.69
Ivory Bodywash @ $1: used $.50/1 from P&G mailing= Free
Whole Seedless Watermelon @ $3.99

Total Spent: $23.79
Tax: $2.82
Total Savings: $54.12

Walgreens, what can I say that's positive about Walgreens, hmmm?  I always manage to go for a good deal on pop there!  Bad news is, they're always out of what you go for even though they know they're advertising it in the paper.  I even made it a point to arrive bright and early to catch the worm; no luck.  They were out of the Morning Burst bodywash I soooooo wanted to try for free, and even the pop was picked over already.  Then the cashier ended up not ringing up the ad I gave her for one of my cases free; I overpaid $3.25 : (

Did I mention they open at 8am,  I arrived at 8:15 am, and they were not busy at all?  The savings look nice in the end, but it was waaaay too much effort to find things and stress through using my coupons. This was my third and final attempt at shopping Wags; three strikes (at least until, like childbirth, I forget the pain)!

Walgreens Breakdown

(5) Pepsi Products @ 4/$13: used $2/2 from 5/1 insert X 2 + in ad Q for free Diet Pepsi = SHOULD have been $1.80 each, but she didn't take off the $3.25 and I missed it, so $2.45 each out of pocket

Sunburnt Gel @$3.99 (Mail In Rebate will print out at cash register worth full price): also used $.50/1 Printable= $3.49 out of pocket, or like free + overage after Rebate

Rimmel Match Perfect Foundation on sale 1/2 off at $4.39: used $3/1 from May All You Mag= $1.49

Gillette Proglide Fusion Power Razor @ $9.98: used $5/1 from P&G mailer, get back $5 Register Reward= $4.98 out of pocket, or like free after Register Rewards

Nexcare Bandages @ $2.99 (Mail in Rebate on package for up to $3.99): used $1/1 Printable= $1.99 out of pocket, or like free + $1 overage after rebate

(2) Cottonelle toilet paper, 12rolls @ $5 each: used $.50/1 Printable X 2 + $1 Q from Wags May booklet (will ring up twice), get back $3 Register Reward=  $3.50 each out of pocket, or like $2 each after Register Rewards

Transaction #2

Bought 5 more Pepsi products @ 4/$13: used $2/2 from 5/1 insert X 2 + in ad Q (which I made sure she used this time!) + $3 Register Reward from above + $5 Register Reward from above = $1 out of pocket for all 5!

Total Out of Pocket Minus Rebates: $26.46
Total Tax: $5.23
Total Savings: $76.73 (plus it should be $3.25 more if you don't miss the pop ad at checkout like I did)

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