Sunday, May 15, 2011

Birthday Blast Off!

#2 has the big birthday #5 coming up and events at school galore, so I am sending his treats to "The Big School" tomorrow (he goes to two different preschools, and that's how he refers to the morning school).  Per his request, I attempted a rocket ship cake.  Now, as you look at my creation, please keep in mind that this is only the 2nd official birthday cake I have made, and my oldest is 7.  I am proud of myself, but obviously I have zero professional credentials : )

I had to share the idea with my readers, because it was actually very simple.  No special designer cake pan needed.  If you've had a little more experience frosting than I and have a better eye for symmetry, you could do some really awesome things with this cake!  The hardest part was rolling and cutting spice drops to make the USA letters.  Here's the link where I found the inspiration and directions from

Oh, and I almost forgot to share what an affordable option this was as well, as compared to our traditional ready-made purchases.  I spent about $1.40 on the two cans of frosting and confetti cake mix (all were on sale after Easter at Aldi for less than $.50 each), the cone was about $.09, 4 eggs for $.40, $4 worth of candy (though not all went on the cake), and a negligible couple tablespoons of oil brought the cake to just under or near $6.  We typically pay over $20 for cakes that don't taste nearly as good; we know because we ate the scraps of course!

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