Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wal-Mart Haul

I invited my best friend to come along shopping at Wal-Mart; what a great way to get together after a long separation, huh?  Luckily, I know she enjoys saving money too, so we had a nice time talking coupons and catching up on life.  I am so glad she came along, not only for the fun company, but because she brought her copy of the Wal-Mart coupon policy for me and acted as my wing (wo)man at checkout time.

I used the most coupons I have ever used in one Wal-Mart trip, and most were for amounts over the cost of the item.  Since the recent policy change, I had yet to take advantage of the overage allowance.  Did you know that the policy actually allows you to walk out of Wal-Mart with more money than you brought?  Wow!

I had collected 18 coupons for $5 off of Similac formula.  Though I do not have any babies currently, I planned to purchase 18 ready to feed bottles for $3.84 each, so that I could take advantage of the overage on the rest of my cart and donate the formula to the food bank.  Brooke shared that she knew of a military family who is currently living apart, as the mother and children wait to be matched with housing in another state.  They have lots of little ones, including one who still uses formula and one on the way, so I decided there was no reason to take the formula anywhere else : )  You won't see any pictures because it didn't even make it home with me.

I also scored a few other items that racked up additional overages.  As I waited in line, I started to get really nervous.  I felt like one of TLC's Extreme Couponers who talk about their hearts racing and how this might be their biggest savings ever; that was so me.  I had additional time to wait and stew as the brand new checker had to run a price check and call for manager assistance for the customers in front of us.

When it was finally time to check out, I had checked, double-checked, and rechecked my coupons and was ready to go.  Things started off rough when right away the computer asked the cashier to approve my first $5 coupon amount; she didn't know how.  She took a deep breath and set those coupons aside (all 18) and tried one of my internet coupons.  When it asked her to validate the amount, she tried to tell me that they couldn't take internet coupons.  Cue wing woman; Brooke pulled policy from purse in preparation, as I assured the young lady that they do accept them and the parameters.  She finally decided to call in assistance.

I will just summarize the rest of the coupon scanning process by saying we all learned a lot tonight.  I learned how to practice patience and that savings over $50 will require a manager override, which I should have known but had never had a chance to do there.  Brooke got to see it all go down for future shopping.  The checker learned many fine points of the Wal-Mart policy as I pointed them out for her and offered a copy of the policy.  The manager learned that Wal-Mart accepts competitors coupons.  It worked out great for for us all : )

Not pictured: 18 Similac items & big case of pop

My husband loved this set last time I got it, so he was excited to see it again!

A couple of the freebie items

Here's the breakdown of my shopping...

17 Similac Ready to Use Sensitive Formula @ $3.84 each: used $5/1 from 4/3 SS X 17= Free +$1.16 overage *that's all they had left*
Can Similac Advance Formula @ $4.17: used $5/1 from 4/3 SS = Free + $.83 overage
4 Bic Comfort3 Razors @ $3.12: used $3/1 from 4/10 SS X 4= $.12 each
2 Bic Sensitive Razors @ $2.77: used $2/1 from 3/27 SS#2 X 2= $.77 each
Great Value Frozen Hamburger Patties @ $7.68
Head and Shoulders Travel Shampoo @ $.97: used $1/1 from P&G Mailer?= Free + $.03 overage
2 Pack Kids Sunscreen on Clearance @ $6
Electrosol Gel Pacs (32 count) @ $5.97: used $1.50/1 Dillons Q= $4.47
Revlon Tweezers @ $1.98: used $2/1 printable (no longer available)= Free + $.02 overage
3 Idahoan Potatoes @ $.42 each: used $1/3 printable= $.09 each
Reach Floss @ $.88: used $1/1 Target Catalina= Free + $.12 overage
4 Colgate Jr. Toothpaste @ $.97 each: used $.50/1 from 4/10 SS X 4= $.47 each
Sam's Choice Cola (24 pack) @ $4.98
Great Value Worcestershire Sauce @ $1.08
Gillette ProGlide Razor Gift Set on Clearance @ $4: used $5/1 from P&G Brand Saver = Free + $1 overage
Secret Clincal Strength Deodorant (Travel Size) @ $2.47: used $3/1 from P&G Brand Saver = Free + $.53 overage

Original Subtotal was $128.62; Total After Savings w/o Tax was $8.12

Total Paid: $18.80
Tax: $10.68
Savings: $120.50

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