Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wal-Mart Deals

I really spent more than I would like today at Wal-Mart, but I had a few high dollar items and a splurge or two.  There are a few good deals available, so check out the break down below.  Hopefully it will give you some good ideas as you make your list.

**GV= Great Value Brand**

GV Coffee $6
GV Vinegar $.92
Uncle Ben’s Rice Mix $1.74
Easy Writer Food Markers $3.82
Green Bell Pepper $.88 (about $.10 cheaper than Dillons this week)
Gillette ProGlide Razor Set on Clearance at Checkout $5: $4/1 Q P&G 1/30= $1
GV Chicken Broth $.72 x2 (Finally ran out of my November sale stockpile; we use lots)
GV Black Olives $1.38
Vanilla Frosting $1.54 x2
White Cloud Training Pants $16.47
Oreida Hashbrowns 6 lbs $5.18
Farmland Thick Sliced Bacon $6.28: $.75/1 Q 1/23 SS= $5.53
Kraft Italian Cheese Mix $2
GV Mozzarella Shredded $1.86
Valentine’s Cupcake Liners $1.33
Heaving Whipping Cream $1.85
GV Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $9.59
Minced Garlic $3.98
Sara Lee Poundcake $4.26 x2 (Way too expensive, but one less stress of baking : )
M&Ms Mini Hearts $1 x6: $1/2 Q x3= $.50 each (one was in last Sunday’s news insert, and I can’t remember where other 2 came from, but they were in a recent coupon insert)
Purina One Beyond $7.47: Free with Purina Coupon in the Mail

Total Savings: $15.22
Tax: $8.21
Spent: $91.86

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