Friday, February 11, 2011

Dillons Round Up 2/11/2011

The Free Stuff

Other Bargains

I really don't have a lot of great coupon deals to pass along with my shopping this week, as I did not pick up a whole lot at the store.  However, I did think about how I spent my time at the store.  When I have a short list like this evening, I enjoy taking my time and paying extra attention to prices. 

There are some very wise savers who keep a log of prices for goods they commonly purchase.  I have not done that yet, but it certainly is an excellent idea.  I do keep mental notes though, and I have a fairly good idea of what my frequent purchases generally cost.

Also, slower shopping trips allow more time to keep your eyes peeled for blinkies.  They are electronic coupon dispensers located randomly throughout the store.  There is a blinking light, thus the name blinkie, and a motion sensor that spits out a new coupon when you move on.  You can stand there and move your hand in front of the sensor to wait on multiple coupons.  Or you might notice that some load from the top front, so you can reach right in and grab multiples to speed the process along.  I like to take several for sales that might come later.

In the video, I mention that Dillons recently sent out coupons in two forms: electronic and in the mail.  I would love for someone to tell me exactly how you get on that list, but I would imagine it has to do with the amount of shopping and couponing you do at Dillons?

Here are the prices of my purchases this week, in case you like to price compare with other stores.  Remember that prices may vary by region and store.  I have also listed any of the deals that you might be able to print, download, or sign up for still as well.

Dillons Milk @ $2.77/gal x 2
Duncan Hines Cake Mix @ $.77 x 2
Kroger Nacho Chips @ $2
Kroger Frozen Veggies @ $.88 x 4
Select Pepsi Products, Buy 2 @ $4.99 each
Lays Chips @$2.99- Free with Dillons Coupon
Cheerios @ $3.19- Free with Dillons Coupon (made $.55 on the deal with an additional e-coupon)
Kroger Baby Carrots @ $1.69- Free with Dillons Coupon
Del Monte Canned Veggies @ $1 x 2- Both Free with Dillons Coupon
Beech-Nut Baby Food Jar @ $.66 x 2- Both Free with Beech-Nut Coupon
Beech-Nut Rice Cereal @ $1.89- Free with Beech-Nut Coupon

Total Savings- $27.13
Tax- $2.14
Total Spent- $24.17
(So far I'm under my goal for the week!)

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