Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Free Stuff in the Mail 12/28

Lots of samples in the mail today.  Thanks to Brooke for the additional big bag of Purina One Beyond and small bag of Purina One.  Here are the rest of my goodies and details on how you can get some freebies yourself.

  1. Bath and Body Works LUV BBW CLUB card.  This card was free and is not used to make purchases; it is just a rewards card.  By joining the club, members can stop into Bath and Body Works any Thursday of choice one time per month to receive a free gift.  The offer lasts until May 2011, according to the card.  I couldn't get the website listed to work anymore, so I am guessing it's too late to sign up?
  2. Happy Me Intensive Hand Repair and Intensive Neck and Chest Repair skin care samples.  Unfortunately, the 5000 free samples have already been spoken for.
  3. Hugo Boss, Boss cologne sample.  You can still request this one by clicking here.
  4. Lacoste Touch of Pink perfume sample.  Still available, as well as a couple of other choices. Click here.
  5. Breathe Right nasal strips.  Perhaps you know someone else who could use these?  Still available by clicking here.
  6. Purina One (smaller bag).  Available through Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, and Target currently.  I believe they may be slightly different blends, but that's potential for three free samples.  You can sign up for cat, dog, or both.

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